Let’s make a start…

6 October 2020 | Cassie Hills

Our blog is about to grow. We’ll be adding insights, flavour notes and recipes as our subscription boxes are sent out each month. However, to get us started, I wanted to share 3 Gin cocktail recipes – something for everyone. Something sour, something sweet and something refreshing.

The Gin Sour – perhaps an obvious choice  

You’ll need: 

60ml Dry Gin

25ml freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

15ml pasteurised egg white (optional – personally, I’m not a ‘Sour” purist and prefer it without)

15ml Sugar Syrup (we like Monin’s best – works great in a coffee too)

3 dots of Angostura bitters


Add all ingredients over ice or chilled gin stones and shake, shake, shake. Strain into a petite vintage glass and enjoy with a maraschino cherry on top.

Apple, Elderflower and Gin Cocktail

You’ll need:

125ml Cloudy Apple Juice

30ml Dry Gin

25ml Elderflower cordial (we really enjoy the Belvoir fruit farms variety)


Add all the ingredients to a shaker with a handful of ice. Shake and serve accompanied by fresh apple slices. Why not try adding a touch of cinnamon to the shaker to add a more autumnal twist?

Apple & Blackberry Gin Cocktail

You’ll need:

50ml blackberry gin (there are a few out there but we like the Whitley Neill bottle for its woody notes) 

25ml crème de mure 
A good squeeze of fresh lemon 
Cloudy apple juice, to top up
Soda water (optional)
Blackberries speared with a rosemary sprig for the final flourish


Combine the gin and crème de mure in a shaker filled with ice. Add a squeeze of lemon, then top up with apple juice (or half juice to half soda water, if you prefer). Garnish with your blackberry and Rosemary spear.

Give them a go and let us know in the comments below which you preferred and what you would like to see featured next.