Fig & Ginger Gin cocktail

14 October 2020 | Cassie Hills

I’ve been really enjoying these colder snaps as we’ve been moving into the more Autumnal months. It’s an opportunity for wrapping up, getting out for long walks, lighting the fire and enjoying some new season flavours.

Speaking of which, Figs are coming back into season and I can think of nothing more lovely than enjoying a warming and spicy Fig G&T.

This one needs a little prior planning as you’ll need time to infuse your gin with those lovely figs. 

You’ll need:

1 bottle of gin

7 dried figs

35 ml Sugar Syrup 

50ml fig infused Gin

100ml tonic

50ml ginger beer

2tbsp lemon juice

1tsp Honey


Chop your dried figs into quarters and place into a jar with a decent seal. Top with your Gin of choice. Seal and allow to steep for 5 days. On the 5th day, remove the figs and return the gin to its bottle. 

Combine your lemon juice and honey and mix until the honey has completely dissolved. 

Firstly, place a couple of large ice cubes into your glass. Add 50ml of your infused Gin along with the honey and lemon mixture and sugar syrup. Add 100ml of tonic and around 50ml of ginger beer and a couple of large ice cubes. Stir until combined and garnish with a super soft fresh fig.

Let us know what you thought of your fig infusion and what other cocktails you were inspired to make