Blackberry Gin & Tonic

14 October 2020 | Cassie Hills

Who else loves a good Autumnal forage? I have such fond memories of blackberry picking as a child; the purple finger tips, the scraped knees from the brambles, and endless days of blackberry and apple crumble. 

This adult cocktail can be only made better by searching for your own fruit and muddling it with the gin.

  • 50ml Gin
  • 30 ml fresh lime juice
  • 1tbsp sugar syrup
  • Small bunch of mint leaves 
  • Tonic water to taste


Add the gin, mint and lime juice to a glass – muddle until the mint has broken down. Using a fine strainer, pour into your glass with a couple of ice cubes. Top up with tonic and sugar syrup to taste.

Did you manage to find your own blackberries or did you opt for the convenience of the supermarket – share your foraging stories in the comments below.