A Halloween twist

14 October 2020 | Cassie Hills

I’ve started seeing blood oranges in the shops which surprised me, as it’s still a little early in the season. However, it inspired me to make a Blood orange (or Halloween) inspired G&T – completely different to our last blog post which was all about being a G&T purist and letting the Gin sing.

In this recipe, you’ll need:

50ml blood orange Gin (there are a couple of varieties but I had the Didsbury variety which has some ginger notes too)

20ml Monin Blood orange syrup

Premium tonic water to taste

2 Large Ice cubes

Blood orange & ginger slices to garnish


Using a chilled highball glass, add the ice cubes, blood orange and ginger slices. Pour over the Gin and tonic. Give it a quick stir to fully combine and enjoy.

Let us know if you were able to find blood oranges in your local store or if this is one of those recipes to pin for later.