About the box

Each month we source some of the world’s best boutique gins, including completely unique and exclusive editions. Featured gins are from right here in the UK and further afield bringing you different flavours and nuances to explore and enjoy. 

GinWith will deliver as often as you like, with subscription options ranging from monthly, bimonthly and quarterly, to one-off gifts. We have the right option to suit you and what’s better – you can amend your plan, or cancel, at any time without penalty. 

We love a good surprise at GinWith, which is why we only unveil the contents of each month’s box after it’s been delivered. Only then will we share the story behind the gin, where we found it, where you can buy more and how we chose the garnishes to complete the box. Each GinWith box includes, a full size bottle of gin, complimentary mixers and garnishes and suitably paired snacks. 

We want you to enjoy a #GinWithMoment and so, for the full experience, we have also carefully selected a further mindfulness gift allowing you to retreat into some relaxing you time.

What’s in the box?

  • A full size bottle of craft gin, at least 70cl
  • The best suited tonics
  • Garnishes to enhance your experience
  • A sweet treat
  • A savoury snack
  • A carefully selected item to compliment your #GinWithMoment