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A Unique Gin Box

Enjoy our monthly gin subscription!

We've combined our passion for gin and mixology expertise, to create an entirely new subscription box experience. Featuring exclusive small batch gins and perfectly paired garnishes, our boxes are delivered monthly - straight to your door.

Our first box is discounted for pre-orders to just £38!

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Our Story

Wouldn't it be great if you could get unique small batch gins - not available in supermarkets - fresh garnishes, exclusive perfect serve recipe cards and delicious craft complimentary treats delivered directly to your door? Well, at Gin With... we thought so too, which is why we're gearing up to launch an experience like no other.

Over the years, the minds behind Gin With... have watched how the gin market has developed. And now, as the nation's gin enthusiasts are on the rise we want to provide them with a #GinCollection like no other - one that you can't help but show off.

Gin With... has been designed to help you do just that. With boxes jam-packed of what's soon to become your favourite spirit, garnishes that have been tried and tested and those totally original wipe clean perfect serve cards filled with inside tips on creating unforgettable drinks - you'll be sure to wow your guests.

But, to make this dream a reality for gin lovers everywhere we need your help. So, we've launched a Crowdfunder UK campaign, and to say thank you we're offering a number of limited-time perks for helping us on our journey.

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Small Batch Gin with Garnishes
Small Batch Gin Label

Small Batch Gins

So, what's a small batch gin? They're gins produced in small batches by the distiller, not made for the mass market. Typically, these distillers will produce less than 1000 bottles in a good run, with each bottle labelled with a personalised batch and bottle number - pretty unique really. The majority of these gins are sold in independent shops and bars close to the distillers and tend to come in either 50 or 70cl. We know that these gins are some of the best, which is why we want to bring them straight to your door with our subscription boxes.

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Fresh Garnish

We know from experience that sometimes it's hard to know what to pair your gin with. We've worked closely with the distillers to provide you with freshly prepared garnishes that perfectly complement each individual gin. Each garnish is hand-picked, prepared and packaged by our local greengrocer using the latest technology, ensuring they stay fresh right until you open them.

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Fresh Gin Garnish

What is in the Box?

Each of our boxes will be developed by our skilled team of expert mixologists, ensuring each ingredient perfectly complements the other. We'll only ever include small batch gins, not available in supermarkets so you can be sure that every gin combination will take your tastebuds on an incredible adventure.

Every box will come with its own unique serving booklet. In it you'll be able to learn more about the gin featured that month, learning about the history, ideal tonics and garnishes and, the wipe clean perfect serve cards will talk you through how to create that perfect combination. And, just to sweeten the deal, we'll feature money off vouchers so you can re-buy the gin of the month.

So, what's actually in them?

  • One full-size bottle of small batch gin - 50/70cl depending on how the gin is sold (with an RRP around £40+).
  • Our monthly guidebook - including methodology and discounts.
  • Our unique wipe perfect serve card – to ensure you can always create that perfect serve.
  • Two bottles of complementary tonic - where available we'll provide you with the low-cal or light version just to avoid that sugar overload. 
  • One packet of sweet sharing snacks - because you can't have gin without delicious treats.
  • One packet of savoury sharing snacks.
  • Fresh garnishes - Our With... they are freshly picked, prepped and packaged to finish off that perfect serve.


And, just to sweeten the deal... you get all this for £39.95 plus free delivery. The total box RRP each month with be over £60.

Subscription Types


Billed at £39.95 per month
free delivery

Every other Month

Billed at £39.95 every two months
free delivery


Billed at £39.95 per Quarter
free delivery

Don't worry either, as you'll always have the option in your account to skip to the next box or take a break. Plus there are no contracts and you can cancel - and then re-subscribe when you miss us - at any time.

For a limited time only, our first box is discounted for pre-orders to just £38!

Why are we crowdfunding?

For those of you who haven't come across crowdfunding before, it's a fantastic idea. It means that companies (like us) can fund a practice or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people online. Simply put, it means that you all get to be an integral part of our exciting journey, and we couldn't be more delighted to have you on board.

In order for us to be able to supply gin lovers with these exclusive subscription boxes at affordable prices, we need to have 250+ people signed up - so please, let's get everyone involved.

Our crowdfunding campaign launches 5th October, and will run for 35 days during which time we are keeping our fingers crossed we reach our total. However, if we don't reach our total, the project sadly closes and all pledges made are refunded meaning our backers lose nothing.

Although we're already so grateful to you all for supporting our dream, we wanted to sweeten the deal. So we'll be offering up a whole of host of exciting perks for our backers - have a look at our Crowdfunder UK perks.

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